A small project I made to test a few thing for the future. Marie Dürrschmid a young and very talented model from Austria helped me doing a few shots to work out a patch of new looks.

Not always is spot on sharpness the best solution. I know all the camera manufactures try to make the best autofocus system possible to help the photographers do their job. But sometimes you have to work against the technical possibilities. Smooth moods with less sharpness can create much more impact to the viewers fantasy / imagination.

Grain and Cream:
Playing with different styles and features in Photoshop. I liked this soft pastel coloured and grained look.

Frozen clearness:
Well I know it’s winter right now. Deep winter!! But summer will come and it’s only a few month away . So keep that in mind!! We had some of these summer-vibes in the studio. I started to love the super stylish swimming caps!!

Science Fiction things:
Marie does have some Science Fiction DNA. Orange and Teal look with some color blasts from the sides.

Three in One…. I love that smile!
Now I really was pleased by the teams performance. Tanja did the make-up. All the styling was teamwork by Mary, Tanja and me. And Marie managed to look as different as possible in only a half day! We had 4,5 hours shooting time! Thanks to all!!

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